Direct Cremation

What is direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the cremation of a deceased person with the least fuss and costs. No minister or mourners are permitted to attend.

Why choose direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the cheapest legal disposal service for deceased persons.
Direct cremation can be a personal request not based on monetary reasons but for reasons of choice and lifestyle. Direct cremation eliminates the possibility of relatives arguing and disputing funeral service arrangements. Direct cremation eliminates worrying if anyone will attend your funeral.

What areas do we cover?

All of Kent and further afield by request.

How much do we charge?

£995 plus £499 for the crematorium and £164 for the doctors cremation certificates. NB if there has been a post mortem there are NO doctors fees
TOTAL: £1658.00 or £1494.00 if there has been a post mortem

What is included?

Our professional services, including advice on registration and completion of necessary forms either at our office or by post. Collection of deceased during our office hours from a hospital, within a 25-mile radius from Dover. Care of deceased prior to cremation in our refrigerated mortuary at our Dover address. Provision of a simple cardboard coffin, private ambulance (van) and necessary staff on the day of cremation. Cremation of deceased at Hawkinge crematorium, Near Folkestone. Scattering of ashes in the crematorium gardens or they may be collected by the applicant.


What would cost extra?

Collection of deceased from a private address or a residential/nursing homes or a hospice = £40

Out of our office hours collection of deceased = £90.
Additional mileage = £1 per mile.
Alternative coffin for deceased exceeding 16 stone or 6’1” tall x 20” wide = from £105
Returning cremated remains to any UK address = £100 (NB we can deliver free of charge within a 20 mile radius of our office)
Dressing in clothing provided and preparation of deceased for visits in our Dover chapel of rest = £60

Why choose us instead of some cheaper internet providers?

We are experienced and qualified, completely independent funeral directors with a highly recommended reputation. Please check our site, Google and the Good Funeral Guide for many very positive testimonials. We promise that the deceased can be collected from any place of death with the correct equipment and staff and cared for in our refrigerated mortuary at our Dover address before cremation asap at Hawkinge crematorium. Please ask other cheaper providers if they can collect from any place of death; where and how will the deceased be looked after, where and when will they be cremated and how much extra it would cost to have the ashes returned.  The Good Funeral Guide says this: “This is an unregulated industry, remember: the bad guys can get away with… anything. The good guys ask us to visit them and check them out so that we can confidently recommend them. The bad ones, obviously, don’t. If after browsing the website you don’t feel you have a clear idea of the identity of the owner, AVOID. If there is no postal address on the website, AVOID“.

How to instruct us for this service?

Obtain the green certificate from the registrar and then either visit our office by appointment or we can send the necessary forms via the post. NB green certificate not issued if there has been a post mortem
Full payment is preferred before the cremation date or at least a 50% deposit and the balance within 21 days of the cremation.

Purchase this service in advance

We can write a Direct Cremation Golden Leaves Funeral Plan for only £2,500.00.

Please see here for more details or email/call for an application form.

Please see our COSTS page for lots more funeral options and prices if direct cremation is not right for you, we promise we can arrange a service that is.