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Pre-planning your funeral right now can take away the financial and emotional burden from your family when they are least able to cope with it.

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Sorting out the arrangements while you're still around means you're sure to get the funeral you'd like and, more importantly, your loved ones are spared the additional distress of worrying about what you would have wanted and paying for it.

  • Funeral Director's cost is 100% guaranteed
  • Independent trust and security of all funds
  • Guaranteed acceptance: no health checks
  • Plans tailored to your needs
  • Complies with all financial regulations
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You’re never too young to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral expenses.

Sharing the intimate details of your preferred funeral service 5, 10, 20 years or more ahead of its time can be quite a difficult concept to consider. If you write it down who will you entrust the paper to? If you tell your partner, sons or daughters, how will they remember and plan your every wish in their time of sadness? Only you can advise sensibly on such individual requirements – burial or cremation? Hymns? Music? Cars? Memorialisation? Or perhaps you have an environmental requirement such as woodland burial for instance?

Bereaved relatives often have grief and anger to contend with. Adding the administrative burden of arranging the funeral to their confused and emotional state may lead to mistakes being made and unnecessary costs being incurred. For example cremation is requested when in fact you wanted to be buried; or a service at church might be overlooked altogether. Small details like instructions for wedding rings can often cause the relatives great anguish and problems. If only they had known is often a feeling expressed. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance saves your family the anguish and grief of doing anything other than remembering you.

The cost of funerals has historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a theme that is predicted to continue. A funeral costing just £1,000 ten years ago might cost nearer £4,000 now. It is impossible to say what that cost might be in five or ten more years time. What is certain is, with Golden Leaves Funeral Plan, bought now at today’s prices or paid for in convenient monthly instalments, the quality of the service provided by the Funeral Director in respect of your planned wishes will not cost your family one penny more – whenever it is ultimately needed

Please see below link for details of the three plans offered and their respective prices.

Funeral Directors fees AND disbursements for agreed cremation OR burial plan are guaranteed to be covered in full. # For burial plans all burials except out-of-district and un-purchased Council/private cemetery or un-purchased Natural Burial Ground (NBG) plans are guaranteed in full. For Council/private cemetery or NBG burial plans where the grave has not been purchased an allowance of £1200 for the cost of the purchase and interment fee is included. The outstanding amount for the grave including any out-of-district surcharges will be payable at the time of death.

Golden Leaves will guarantee to cover cremation and minister fees only. Sullivan & Son will guarantee all other disbursements agreed per individual plan in full with the exception regarding un-purchased Council cemetery/NBG graves as above.

Please note that there is also a repatriation plan available (exclusive to Golden Leaves), for those wishing to be repatriated to or from another country. Also plans can be tailored to your individual requirements e.g. an eco type coffin and burial or horse drawn carriage. Please do not hesitate to call 01304 201322 or e-mail me if you have any questions or would like to arrange a free no obligation visit or a brochure and application form can be posted.

Thank you for reading and don’t delay make your plans TODAY!

Jenny Simmons
Jenny Simmons
17:54 05 Nov 18
I have known Paul Sullivan and his staff for about 7 years, from when I worked at Hawkinge Crematorium. My Father passed away on the 26th August 2018 and I cannot thank them enough, for the kind way they looked after Myself and my family. I knew Dad was in the most capable hands and was well cared for. We took out a Prepaid Funeral Plan, so the sad business of arranging the Funeral, had already taken place. I would highly recommend Paul and his staff; Julie, Alex and Colin. Lovely Caring and always on the end of the phone if needed. A lovely gesture a courtesy phone call, a couple of weeks after the Funeral, to check how I was coping.read more
Sean -Private- Hale
Sean -Private- Hale
18:22 04 Sep 18
Highly recommended, Julie and the team were excellent
Richard Leveson
Richard Leveson
20:52 21 Mar 18
I have known of Sullivan and Son for over ten years and they were the unquestionable choice to conduct my mother's funeral in January 2018 when she died aged 101. I had one meeting with Alex Sullivan to set things in motion and was most impressed with his unpretentious and efficient handling of all the necessary details. Alex and Paul Sullivan (who officiated at the funeral) are warm, compassionate, obliging and, quite simply, very likable personalities. I could not have been more satisfied with their service.read more
John Heather
John Heather
11:08 17 Feb 18
Paul and the team were awesome in how they handled my sisters funeral. They were kind,attentive and highly professional in all their dealings with my entire family. Au unexpected death is always going to be difficult - the cremation most of all,but Paul helped us through the whole event with calm and good humour - nothing was too much trouble Thank you once again Paul and team - I cannot recommend this service too highlyread more
Peter Smith
Peter Smith
11:52 08 Feb 18
My father sadly passed away in December, and his funeral took place in January. From start to finish Paul and his team at Sullivan & son were absolutely fantastic. Hugely empathic and professional. Understanding of your situation and willingness to help is always at the forefront in order to get what you want for your loved ones final journey. I would most definitely recommend there services to anybody.read more
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