You’re never too young to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral expenses.


Why Plan Now?

Sharing the intimate details of your preferred funeral service 5, 10, 20 years or more ahead of its time can be quite a difficult concept to consider. If you write it down who will you entrust the paper to? If you tell your partner, sons or daughters, how will they remember and plan your every wish in their time of sadness? Only you can advise sensibly on such individual requirements – burial or cremation? Hymns? Music? Cars? Memorialisation? Or perhaps you have an environmental requirement such as woodland burial for instance?

Bereaved relatives often have grief and anger to contend with. Adding the administrative burden of arranging the funeral to their confused and emotional state may lead to mistakes being made and unnecessary costs being incurred. For example cremation is requested when in fact you wanted to be buried; or a service at church might be overlooked altogether. Small details like instructions for wedding rings can often cause the relatives great anguish and problems. If only they had known is often a feeling expressed. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance saves your family the anguish and grief of doing anything other than remembering you.


Why Pay Now?

The cost of funerals has historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a theme that is predicted to continue. A funeral costing just £1000 ten years ago might cost nearer £3500 now. It is impossible to say what that cost might be in five or ten more years time. What is certain is, with Golden Leaves Funeral Plan, bought now at today’s prices or paid for in convenient monthly installments, the quality of the service provided by the Funeral Director in respect of your planned wishes will not cost your family one penny more – whenever it is ultimately needed.

There are some costs outside of the Funeral Directors control, which they pay on your behalf – these are known as disbursements and include fees such as; Doctors, Ministers, Crematoria, Cemeteries, Churches, Grave diggers, Newspapers, Florists and Stationers. Any rise in the cost of these disbursements may necessitate a further payment at the time of need, but Golden Leaves will guarantee any increase in the costs of disbursements to the RPI (Retail Price Index).

Please see below for details of the three plans offered and their respective prices. If you wish to be buried and because of the widely different costs involved please e-mail or call for a personal quotation. Please note that there is also a repatriation plan available (exclusive to Golden Leaves), for those wishing to be repatriated to or from another country. Also plans can be tailored to your individual requirements e.g. an eco type coffin and burial or horse drawn carriage. Please do not hesitate to call 01304 201322 or e-mail me if you have any questions or would like to arrange a free no obligation visit or a brochure and application form can be posted. Alternatively you can visit Golden Leaves own web site at For the latest details and costs please see down or click here for a large printable version.

Thank you for reading and don’t delay make your plans TODAY!

GL Price list May 2017-1

Please e-mail or call for an application form.